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Guard-Check is a quick and easy tool to check safety distances. 

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The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations
These Regulations, often abbreviated to PUWER, place duties on people and companies who own, operate or have control over work equipment. PUWER also places responsibilities on businesses and organisations whose employees use work equipment, whether owned by them or not.


Many PUWER and CE consultants provide excellent advice and risk assessments. But rarely given, are practical solutions based on real world applications.This philosophy is custom and practice from Machinery Safety Compliance Services. We tell you what you need to do to put it right, and more importantly, what you don't need to do. MSCS consultants are engineers who became safety experts.

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PUWER is the Provision and Use of Work Equipment...


To supply products on the market in the European...


We conduct EMC testing to all of the frequently used...


Electromagnetic fields (EMF's) arise whenever...



Products and equipment developed exclusively by MSCS to make your inspections easier. 

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Useful and free to download information to help you and your company with compliance.

PUWER is the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations and requires users of work equipment to carry out regular risk assessments which are documented and kept on file. Most importantly, those risk assessments must address each of the...