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About PUWER ServicesWhether it is CE Marking or the PUWER/WED, safety and Compliance in the workplace is an important legal requirement. We must also provide a safe working environment for our employees.
We must, however, be able to produce efficiently. Our solutions provide a reduction in risk that is practicable, and still allows equipment to be used by employees. If "reasonably practicable" wasn't the point, we wouldn't be able to weld, grind or operate a JCB!!

We are very proud of having more than 25 years’ experience within the Safety and Engineering sectors, supplying a complete range of Health and Safety services to a broad range of industries. In addition, MSCS can provide testing and verification services in an EN17025:2005 accredited environment. A key component to providing certification for 'high consequence' equipment.

MSCS staff include one of the very few who are recognised by CEN (who publish the Harmonised EU Standards) as an expert on European Directives by appointment as “Registered advisor to the European Committee for Standardization” and Appointed Expert on European Safety Standards.

As Health and Safety Practitioners, our competence and work has been audited by UKAS and provided Notified Body and Competent Body assistance for organisations holding this appointment with the UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

Attending National and Technical Committee safety meetings, we contributed to the Paper Industry Technical Association Engineering Working Group and worked with the HSE PABIAC Committee producing ‘Making Paper Safely’ and ‘Rewinding Safely’. This culminated in the guidance of Safety Related Control Circuits released by the HSE.

Reviewed by industry, the Directors of MSCS were awarded one European award for Safety Innovation and a Global Award for Safety Innovation in the USA.

This gives us a unique insight into the challenges our customers face in providing machinery that is safe, compliant and still useable.

Our head office premises consist of a 3500sq/ft. offices and laboratory facilities at our bespoke site. As such, you can have confidence that we are an established business with evidential growth and we will be there in the long term to support you.

Our guiding principle is to make Health and Safety of machinery easy. This means we interpret the requirements and give the client a real world solution. We understand Health and Safety is of primary importance, but this must be balanced with common sense and a practical approach to make it workable and affordable.

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