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Functional Safety

Guard master alarm system

Building or buying new or refurbished machinery

Our training packages are designed bespoke to your business and can span from 1/2day through to a full week or more, dependent upon the level of detail you require.

Designing the training package relevant to your requirements is included in the cost of our training.

Every course is written bespoke for your business; this ensures there are no generic seminars or irrelevant topics.

Application of Functional Safety to Machinery System

This course gives users, engineers and designers of safety related control systems the knowledge and experience to develop compliant and validated “Functional Safety Systems” in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1, EN62061 and EN61508. We demonstrate practical methods of verification and validation of systems.

Although EN954-1:1997 has been withdrawn, many legacy systems and technical files still refer to this standard. So naturally, this is included in our training where required.

Low Voltage and Control System Panels

This course is entirely adaptable to your level of technical knowledge. Both for simple assessment to full design and manufacturing of compliant systems and panels to the Low Voltage Directive and Regulation 18 of PUWER. We provide you with the knowledge & competence to design and manufacture control panels compliant with European Union Directives, European Harmonised Standards (EN 60204-1:2018) and good engineering practice and to declare compliance by CE Marking.

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Bespoke training packages to suit your business dependant upon the level of detail you require.

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