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New Opto-Check

Our Opto-Check gives you a quick and easy method to accurately check the operation of an opto-electronic sensing device, based on the methods as referenced by BS EN ISO 61496-2 and HSG180. It can be used during the design, installation, and inspection of barrier guards to make sure they operate correctly. opto check

Opto-Check is specifically designed to make it extremely simple to check for hand and finger access.


In all cases, the safety checks supplied by your organisation or the machine manufacturer must be followed. 

Power-on checks for photo-electric safety devices (Static)

Check that the light curtain is functioning, then switch off the ‘mute’ function (if fitted). Select the correct diameter of the Opto-Check which should trigger the stop command of the machine. This information will be provided by your machine manufacturer.

Check the operational effectiveness by inserting the Opto-Check into the light curtain and at right angles to the plane of it. It should be passed very slowly through the full height of the curtain in three separate places:

  • Close to one emitter/receptor column;
  • In the middle of the curtain;
  • Close to the other emitter/receptor column.

Where a ‘guard test’ light, which indicates interruption of the curtain, is included in the device, it should be illuminated whenever the Opto-Check is in the light curtain. If the photo-electric device is not fitted with a guard test light, or other similar indicator, continually press and release the operating control while passing the Opto-Check very slowly down the curtain. At no point during the test should movement of the machine be possible.

In conjunction with risk assessment and following the standard and HSE guidance, the detection of the optoelectronic sensing device can be checked for operation.

NOTES FOR USE: Opto-Check is not a substitute for the standard BS EN ISO 61496-2/HSG180, but a tool to be used in conjunction with BS EN ISO 61496-2/HSG180. The use of this tool is limited in the same way that BS EN ISO 61496-2/HSG180 has limitations as detailed in, but not limited to, the scope and annexes of those documents. The use of Opto-Check does not limit or eliminate the need to carry out risk assessments of safeguarding, however when used correctly, Opto-check can quickly and easily help prove the operation of the optoelectronic sensing device.

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